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The Cardon<br>Gift Set

The Cardon
Gift Set

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Description: Our Gift Set partners award-winning Daily SPF with two brand new, premium Cardon products: the Purifying Clay Cleanser and the 3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer. This 1-2-3 punch gives your face exactly what it needs to face the day and stay clean, hydrated and protected, always. 

The Best of the Best

2-in-1 Daily SPF + Moisturizer, 35ml

This award-winning SPF + Moisturizer provides everyday broad-spectrum sun protection and intense hydration. It contains cactus extract to keep your face feeling fresh, plus, it’s water-based for fast-absorbing, light-as-a-feather wearability. 

Purifying Clay Cleanser, 100ml

You need to keep that money maker clean and in control. This clay cleanser does the trick with deep pore-clearing power that won’t dry your skin. It contains--you guessed it--clay, which has 4X the absorption of charcoal and actively hydrates skin when mixed with water. 

3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer, 50ml

This glorious gel 1) hydrates, 2) soothes, and 3) repairs your skin while you sleep. Cactus extract and vitamin-enriched rosehip oil help heal & regenerate stressed skin while preventing moisture loss, leaving you feeling super soothed after a long snooze.

3 Steps For Success

  1. Clean | Our Clay Purifying Cleanser is best used to kick-start and cap off your day. Use it in the morning and right before bed to remove excess oil and deep clean your pores.  
  1. Protect | Our Daily SPF + Moisturizer should be applied…daily. Use after using our Clay Cleanser and about 20 minutes before stepping into the sun. Re-apply every 2 hours if you’re in direct sun.
  1. Hydrate & Repair | Right before jumping into bed, treat your face to the 3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer. During the day, your face faces some rough stuff. The overnight gel accelerates the repair and regeneration process you need to wake up feeling fresh, healthy and hydrated.   

Rinse. Repeat. Win. Your future face will thank you. 

The King of the Desert

To be more specific—the cactus—a supercharged ingredient proven to soothe and hydrate your skin. It also does wonders for a wide range of skin types including oily, dry and acne-prone skin, making it the perfect go-to for men’s skin care. 

All of our products are cactus-based, reef-safe, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free and made 100% cruelty-free. So feel free to feel good about using them.