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Meet Cardon

Our story begins in South Korea, the world’s skincare powerhouse, and two women passionate about starting an open conversation about men’s self-care.

Growing up in Korea, our co-founder Narae saw first-hand the pride that Korean men took in in their self-care. It was more than a routine—it was a way of life, an expression of self-worth, self-love and enjoyment. And why shouldn’t it be? It feels good to look good.

After years working in the Korean skincare industry, bringing the best ingredients and most innovative formulas to men across Asia, Narae decided to come to the United States to attend Wharton Business School. Here, she met her roommate Jacqueline (the second half of the Cardon puzzle), an expert in the retail startup space.

From there, it was history. Once this skincare queen and startup savant got to talking, they noticed that interest in men’s self-care was beginning to gain momentum in the States—but the high-quality, yet affordable options that were so popular in Korea—were seriously lacking. 

Jacqueline and Narae ran a focus group out of their apartment, featuring pizza, beer and a handful of guys. The topic: skincare. They were amazed and inspired by how their male classmates opened up about the topic when given a chance.

The dynamic duo saw an opportunity to change the outdated social norms around masculinity and self-care. Cardon’s mission was clear from the beginning: to provide a simple shopping experience for men to get premium skincare at an approachable price tag while acting as an oasis in the desert; a go-to resource for honest, accurate information about men’s self-care.

What began with an award-winning Daily SPF + Moisturizer with rave reviews has expanded into a full line of quality, cactus-based self-care products that all men can feel confident using. 

Now, it’s time for you to become a part of our story. Join the Cardon self-care conversation and put your best face forward every day!