While the list of skincare ingredients to avoid is fairly universal to everyone, the same cannot be said for those ingredients to actively seek out. While many ingredients are universally beneficial to everyone, they are not necessarily required uniformly, since different skin conditions require different strategies—and thus, different ingredients.

Below are the most common skincare grievances that we hear about at Cardon, along with the best “hero” ingredients that might remedy each one. You’ll see most of the ingredients repeated many times; after all, that’s why we call them “hero” ingredients. Here’s an important note about the recommendations, too: Because we chose to focus on the best ingredients, we didn’t want to overwhelm you by also outlining the overall regimen required for each condition. However, for many of the conditions, we do have articles tailored to the regimen itself, and will link to those accordingly.

Oily Skin

If your skin is overactive and produces too much oil, this is often because it’s fighting underlying dehydration. But the best news for oily skinned guys is that you can train your skin to produce less oil, by using the right ingredients. The best one to prioritize is hyaluronic acid (via a serum or moisturizer), which helps skin absorb and retain moisture, so that it never has to account for a dehydration.

In terms of mitigating excess oil (and the accompanying appearance of large pores), look for niacinamide, which regulates oil production and pore appearance while also improving surface texture. Salicylic acid will help unclog pores and break down dead skin cells (minimizing breakouts and shine), and a good clay-based product
will help extract oil and other impurities from deep with the skin. (Just be sure to rehydrate after any cleansing efforts.)

Regimen Guide: Best Oily Skincare Routine for Men

Dry Skin (Genetic or Temporary)

Gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating ingredients like lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid work wonders on perennially dry skin. They help slough away any rough patches and prevent dead skin cells from clogging pores or breaking out. It’s smart to spot-check these ingredients, if your skin is sensitive, though it’s easy to find them in small-dose formulas, too.

Hyaluronic acid will also help your skin absorb and retain moisture, while ceramides help reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration. Look for nourishing oils in your moisturizer, like argan and jojoba, or a texture-smoothing ingredient like niacinamide.

Regimen Guide: Best Dry Skincare Routine for Men


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