Are You Struggling With:

Hair Loss? Thinning Hair?
Dry, Itchy Scalp?

Stop hair loss—from receding hairlines to thinning hair—with Cardon's new Healthy Hair Duo that goes beyond cleansing to strengthen, repair and soothe your scalp and hair, powered by Korean innovation.

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We’ve Got You Covered (Head to Toe)

Teamwork makes your hair dreams work. Learn more about Cardon's anti-hair loss duo, which includes the Strengthening Shampoo and Strengthening Conditioner.

3 Key Anti-Hair Loss Ingredients

Yeast Extract (from Beer!)
Rich in antioxidants to scalp hydration & stimulating hair growth

Dexpanthenol (Vitamin B5)
Strengthens & moisturizes hair, preventing further hair loss

Salicylic Acid
A BHA exfoliant that clears oil & product buildup while treating dry, itchy scalp

Healthy Hair Duo

good for:

Dry Scalp Hair Loss Hair Thinning

The Healthy Hair Duo teams up to get to the root of hair loss, strengthening and nourishing hair starting right at the scalp. Achieve thicker, healthier follicles with the help of our protein and vitamin-packed formula.

Strengthening Shampoo

good for:

Dry Scalp Hair Loss Hair Thinning

Cleanses and repairs hair to build stronger strands and a healthier scalp. Its protein-packed formula features niacinamide and yeast extract (yes, from beer!) to boost hair growth and scalp moisture.

Strengthening Conditioner

good for:

Dry Scalp Hair Loss Hair Thinning

Revives and protects the scalp and hair with lightweight, nourishing hydration. Its vitamin-enriched formula promotes fuller hair and healthy follicles with niacinamide and yeast extract.

Real People. Real Results.


Scott W. | 45-54 | Concerns: Thinning Hair

After 6 weeks of using the Healthy Hair Duo


Troy H. | 45-54 | Concerns: Hair Loss

After 6 weeks of using the Healthy Hair Duo

Hair + Body Shower Set

good for:

Dry Scalp Hair Loss Hair Thinning

The Head-To-Toe Shower Set has everything you need for an invigorating showertime routine, going beyond cleansing to strengthen, repair, and soothe your hair and skin. You—and your houseguests—will thank you for ditching the 3-in-1 for this trio.

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Cardon develops products for men’s skin and hair concerns, backed by the science and innovation of Korean skincare.

Easy skin and hair routines you'll actually want to stick to.

Developed using advanced Korean skincare technology.

Top-quality, cruelty-free formula with no harmful ingredients!

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