Premium cactus-based skincare

Made with cactus extract (think aloe, but better) to soothe shaving irritation. Experience the power of Korean skincare with powerful ingredients and gentle formulations.

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All our skincare products are made with cactus extract to soothe skin irritation from shaving. We developed our innovative face sunscreen, face wash, and night moisturizer in South Korea using their advanced skincare research. Enjoy browsing around and chat us with any questions!

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The Cardon Starter Kit comes with a full size of our award-winning Daily SPF + Moisturizer and travel-size of the Purifying Clay Cleanser (15ml) ad Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer (15ml) to complete the routine.

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  1. What Comes in the Starter Kit

    • CLEAN. Clay cleanser provides 4X the cleaning power of charcoal and leaves your skin soft, never dried out (15ml)
    • PROTECT. Award-winning 2-in-1 Daily SPF Moisturizer for lightweight, everyday protection and hydration (FULL SIZE: 35ml)
    • REPAIR. Vitamin-enriched Hydro Boost Gel soothes, repairs, and rehydrates your skin as you sleep (15ml)


Our Purifying Clay Cleanser is best used to kick-start and cap off your day. Use it in the morning and right before bed to remove excess oil and deep clean your pores.

Our Daily SPF + Moisturizer should be applied—you guessed it—daily. Use after using our Clay Cleanser and about 20 minutes before stepping into the sun. Re-apply every 2 hours when in direct sunlight.

3. repair
Before jumping into bed, treat your face to
3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer. The overnight gel accelerates the repair and regeneration process you need to wake up feeling fresh, healthy and hydrated.


"I have finally found a reliable, effective product/brand for my daily face routine. I have tried several expensive branded products for years and CARDON just tops it all. It is not greasy or oily after you put it on. I am glad i tried the sample kit. After 2 days, I just find my face texture so different - smooth, clean and healthy. It's all worth it."

Franco R.

Oct 05 2020

"I've been looking for a skin care line for men that allows me to comprehensively take care of my aging face without having to worry that I'm missing a treatment. Cardon provides that total care solution with its variety of products that work extremely well. "

John N.

NOV 10 2020

"I have tried multiple skin care brands trying to help my acne prone and semi-sensitive combination skin type. I tried Tiege Hanley, Lumin, Clinique, and others and they've all been harsh on my face. I've been using Cardon for about a month now and my skin loves it! I feel a deep clean but very soft on the skin, and it smells AMAZING! Cleared up my stubborn acne.  

Steve C.

MAR 18 2020


All Cardon products are made with cactus extract. Our brand is even named after the largest cactus species. Cactus extract is a supercharged ingredient proven to soothe and hydrate your skin. It does wonders for a wide range of skin types including oily, dry and acne-prone skin, making it the perfect go-to for men’s skincare.

All of our products are also paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free and made 100% cruelty-free. So feel free to feel good about using them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Comes In the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit comes with full-size of our award-winning SPF + Moisturizer (35ml) and deluxe samples of the Purifying Clay Cleanser and Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer (15ml each). $30 value for just $9.99.

How Does the Starter Kit Trial Work?

Get the Starter Kit for $9.99 to try Cardon skincare products. After 21 days, you unlock 15% off any subscription with 2+ full-size products. The default upgrade is to all three products for $55.25 ($65 value) and ships every 2 months. We'll email you 3 days before the upgrade to see if you'd like to customize your set. Skip or cancel anytime by emailing us at once your order is delivered.

Can I Cancel or Extend the Trial Period?

Starter Kit subscriptions can be cancelled anytime after order delivery and we can always extend the trial period if you want more time to test out the set. Any subscription cancelled prior to order delivery will be charged as a one-time purchase of $30.00. We'll email you 3 days before the automatic upgrade to see if you'd like to customize your subscription, extend your trial period or cancel.

How Long Will the Products Last?

Our full-size products typically last 2 months, but we can customize your subscription frequency to match your usage.

Does This Work for Oily Skin or SENSITIVE Skin?

We specialize in gentle formulas that are effective and clean. All Cardon products are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog pores. All products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, reef-safe, and made cruelty-free.

Recommended Skincare Routine

AM: Wash with Clay Cleanser and use SPF + Moisturizer after. The SPF Moisturizer will protect against UVA and UVB rays as well as provide hydration with a lightweight, non-sticky texture. Re-apply SPF throughout the day as needed and every 2 hours when outside.

PM: Wash with Clay Cleanser and use Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer after. The Hydro Boost Gel has restorative ingredients like niacinamide, rosehip oil, and cactus extract to help even out skin tone,


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